Tuesday, 7 November - South Caribbean Cruise

 We left home at 12:30, since our documents suggested arriving at the airport 3 hours before departure. It looked for a bit as if that might not be a bad idea, since the bag-checking machines were all down, but after about 10 minutes they came back to life. It was an easy trip through security and customs and by 2pm we were sitting in a restaurant, ready to enjoy lunch. After an uneventful flight we lucked in, finding our Hyatt Place, Dania hotel shuttle waiting, and were in our room very quickly. We chose a light bar supper across the street and struck up a conversation with Chris and Roger, from Stoney Creek. They’re on the same cruise, so we hope to see more of them.




Wednesday, 8 November - Joining the Eurodam


A so-so breakfast at the hotel and a walk around the area, then repacking for boarding. A quick trip in the hotel shuttle, brief wait in the waiting area and soon we were at a table aboard the Eurodam, looking out over the Ft. Lauderdale skyline. The room was ready quickly and our luggage arrived shortly afterward. Departure was an hour later than advertised, but soon we were at sea. We had a nice dinner with lots of laughs with 2 other couples, then 60s music trivia and bed. We weren’t stellar at the trivia but there was good sing-along anyway



Thursday, 9 November - Half Moon Cay, Bahamas

 We had been struggling with the Navigator app on our phones and internet on the laptop, so we visited Guest Services early to sort that all out, then enjoyed breakfast in the dining room.

We gathered everything we needed for the day and took the tender to Half Moon Cay. Our first priority was claiming a beach shelter (clamshell), 

then we were off on a walking tour. Our guide, Lisa, explained the geography, history, flora and fauna of the Bahamas as we walked across the island. We were back at the BBQ area just in time for a delicious, local feast. Then we made our way back to the beach, rested a bit and floated for an hour or so in the lovely, warm water. It began to rain, which didn’t bother us, but we felt like we were done, so we caught the next tender back to the ship.  It was nice to put our feet up for awhile after we showered the sea salt off. Before dinner we enjoyed music in the piano bar, then joined 3 other couples for dinner. It was getting a bit rough, so it was a bit of a balancing act but only 1 glass of wine was spilled. We returned to the piano bar for a couple of songs, then went to the Main Stage for the show – a dance representation of an orchestra. Very inventive and enjoyable.

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Friday, 10 November -Turk & Caicos Islands

 Our after-breakfast circuit of the Promenade Deck featured impressive wind and a beautiful view of the ship’s wake. We’re still feeling significant motion even though the waves don’t look very high. We docked at Grand Turk, next to Carnival Magic,

whose 4000 passengers were already ashore. After grabbing a quick lunch on board we walked into the pier area and registered for our tour, then had a few minutes to check out the shops. Nothing there of interest except a fridge magnet. 

We boarded an open-air bus for an island tour. The history and current situation of the island are interesting, and there is evidence of many significant events, such as the fight against slavery and the defeat of Russian attempts at dominance during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The lighthouse has its own history and is very scenic. After visiting many highlights, we disembarked at a beach with a local bar. We swam, visited with others and enjoyed an hour of relaxation, then returned to the ship. We had our usual Friday evening zoom family visit, then went to dinner, where we enjoyed the company of another couple from Arizona and a single guy from Alberta. And of course a great meal. 

Then the piano bar for awhile, and to bed. Clocks spring forward tonight.

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Saturday, 11 November - Dominican Republic

 There were quite a few poppies to be seen around the ship, and the captain called for a minute of silence at 11. We were both feeling the effects of a few days of activity in the heat and sun, so decided to forego the planned taxi trip into Puerto Plata.

After a light lunch we wandered around the port area then back to the ship. 
Larry borrowed a cable from guest services so he could load our few photos onto the laptop and thus into the blog. After a relaxed afternoon, we met 2 new couples (both Canadian) for dinner, then took in a very amusing magic show and spent some time in the piano bar before bed.

All Photos Nov 11


Sunday, 12 November – at sea

 It was a relaxed day at sea. We enjoyed breakfast in our stateroom,
then strolled around the ship on the promenade deck – a very windy, rocking adventure. The shops were open but nothing tempted us. We did admire the artworks on display for the later auction, though not enough to bid on any of them. After lunch in the dining room, I joined a trivia session. Didn’t find a team and my solo performance was not great. The afternoon talk about Jimmy Buffet and Ernest Hemingway was very interesting with great visuals. I enjoyed Dutch Afternoon Tea with 5 new strangers, then we watched our home church service. We had our usual zoom Sunday visit with Joan & Bob, then another great dinner with 2 other couples. They’d done a tour the day before that involved being climbed (and peed) on by little monkeys and they had tales to tell about that.

We enjoyed the piano bar before and after the evening dance show. A great day all ‘round.



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Monday, 13 November – Curaçao

  We docked in this very colourful port at 7 and enjoyed the view from the window over breakfast.
Our morning jaunt around the island included a visit to a small business specializing in all-natural beauty and household products, the distillery where curaçao liqueur is produced, and an aloe vera plantation. We also drove through and past the various sections and landmarks of Willemstad,

with its colourful buildings. Back on board, I enjoyed a massage, then found a couple to team up with for trivia – and we won!!! Missed just one question! Yay! We got fancy pins as our reward. Dinner with strangers was less-enjoyable than other nights (2 of the 3 of them were very crabby, finding fault with everything and being rude to the waitstaff), but the main stage show was a great male vocalist.

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Tuesday, 14 November – Bonaire

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY LARRY! This was likely the high point of our vacation. Our morning was spent on a sailboat,

with a terrific snorkeling stop in a cove with lots of varieties of coral and many types of fish. It was fairly windy, so sailing was particularly fun. Later we wandered the small downtown area and enjoyed gelato. Our dinner at the Pinnacle was outstanding

and then we enjoyed the routine of a comedienne from Nova Scotia, before finishing off the evening in our favourite piano bar. All just WOW!



Wednesday, 15 November – Aruba

 Our bus tour left at 8, so we were up and about early. It was a great choice, because it took us right out of the urban atmosphere around the port. 

First stop was a butterfly garden where a tour guide explained the life cycles of butterflies and moths and we saw many varieties up close and personal. We drove along the north cost, admiring the wild coastline and high surf, to the ruins of a natural bridge that collapsed about 15 years ago. 

There’s a smaller natural bridge and many stacked rocks – a human addition to the scenery. We drove past an old gold refining facility, dating from the Aruban gold rush of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Now, we’re told that there’s still lots of gold in Aruba, but it’s all found in jewellery stores. Huge, strange rock formations dot this part of the island, and we spent some time in a tranquil and lovely rock garden. Then it was back to the ship. We’re docked next to one of the gigantic ships and the port area is thick with tourists. The evening entertainment was an absolutely electrifying performance by the dance troupe, and of course some time in the piano bar.


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Thursday, 16 November – At Sea

 We’re heading back to Ft. Lauderdale and starting to think about the transition back to home life. Meanwhile, though, there’s lots of activity on board. I played bingo this morning – no luck, but fun anyway. At lunch we met 2 new couples – one from Colorado and the other from Ancaster! Great conversation that went on so long I missed trivia! Larry went to a very interesting question period with the captain. I did make it to the later trivia session and we did pretty well but didn’t win. Once again, as the only Canadian on the team, I came up with one answer that absolutely stumped everyone else – Whitehorse!! Also, Pixel, though that had nothing to do with being Canadian. At dinner we reunited with a couple we’d met early in the trip and caught up with their adventures, and a new couple who have been taking it easy. We tried the main stage steel drum band entertainment, but it wasn’t to our taste, so we finished off the evening in the piano bar.


Friday, 17 November – At Sea

I went down early to the Lido Deck to bring coffee to our stateroom, and discovered the “Eurodam Towel Animal Zoo 2023” all around the pool. So cute! There were 2 trivia sessions. I was alone for the first one, “Celebrities” and didn’t do too well, but met my usual team, Nancy, Drew, and family (I think of them as the “Keeners”) for the second one. We scored 14/16 and came 2nd. Apparently, the other team knew that was a caribou, not a moose, on the Canadian quarter. Bingo was a washout, but I won a $5 casino credit on my free scratch-off ticket. I needed to be coached through every step of the way to losing it on a slot machine. Fortunately, it took only about 5 minutes. Why do people think that’s fun? Our dinner reservation at Tamarind was at 8, but worth the wait – a great meal! We caught the comedy act on the main stage, and of course ended the evening at the piano bar enjoying the stylings of Steve and Gabriel for the last time.


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Saturday, 18 November – Ft. Lauderdale to Burlington

 When we woke up, we were already docked in Ft. Lauderdale. After breakfast, we were in one of the early groups to disembark and join our tour group. With a late-afternoon flight to Toronto, we’d decided to take a Miami tour.
Our guide was very knowledgeable and shared stories and experiences. First stop was South Beach, a familiar spot. Then on to Little Havana. It was loud and crowded, so not my scene, but we saw some interesting art and drank some powerful coffee. Soon we were waiting in line at Ft. Lauderdale Airport to check our bags and eventually into the gate area. The flight left 90 minutes late, but customs and immigration were quick and easy at Pearson. Not so much the luggage. They announced a change of carousel, but delivered to the original one. It took us a while to realize that, so we were delayed another 30 minutes or so. It was great to get home! Really enjoyable cruise, wonderful memories and a perfect break from our routine.

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Tuesday, 7 November - South Caribbean Cruise

  We left home at 12:30, since our documents suggested arriving at the airport 3 hours before departure. It looked for a bit as if that migh...